Under the authority of R.S. 40:4, 40:4.13, and 40:5 and in accordance with R.S. 49:950 et
seq., the Administrative Procedure Act, notice is hereby given that the state health officer, acting
through the Louisiana Department of Health, Office of Public Health (LDH-OPH), intends to
amend Part XII (Water Supplies) of the Louisiana State Sanitary Code (LAC 51). When effective,
the proposed amendments to Part XII will assist LDH-OPH in ensuring the continued protection
of the health of the public from contaminated drinking water through enforceable construction,
operation and maintenance standards that address the proper design, operation and maintenance of
public water systems.

The proposed rulemaking is authorized under Act 292 and Act 488 of the Regular
Legislative Sessions, 2013 and 2014, respectively. These Louisiana standards were developed and
approved by the Louisiana Standards for Water Works Construction, Operation, and Maintenance
Committee (a.k.a., “water committee”) which was initially created by Act 292 of 2013. The
Recommended Standards for Water Works, 2012 Edition (commonly referred to as the “Ten State
Standards” and published by the Great Lakes - Upper Mississippi River Board of State and
Provincial Public Health and Environmental Managers) was used as the basis of this proposed rule
and the text therein was modified by the water committee to develop a customized state version
which, in certain instances, is more applicable to the South’s climatic conditions and to Louisiana,
in particular. The effective date of the final rule is proposed to be postponed until August 1, 2018
for the permitting of new public water systems or the modification to existing public water systems.
The bulk of the proposed Louisiana standards are contained in the following listed Subchapters
(with the general subject matter listed in the same order as in the Ten State Standards).

This document is redlined to show the proposed changes.