For Partners

Partners play a very important role in the success of CSoC. CSoC intends to ensure that efforts on behalf of children and families are integrated across systems. CSoC is a family driven process. Therefore, referrals should be made with the parent's/guardian's knowledge, consent and participation. 

You and the parent/guardian will need to be able to provide the following information for the referral:

  • Demographic information
  • As much clinical information as you have available
  • Diagnosis, if known

You may contact Magellan of Louisiana directly to make a referral at 1-800-424-4489. 

You can also call the child's/youth's Healthy Louisiana Plan to make a referral for CSoC.

The following process will take place:

  • Contact Magellan or the Healthy Louisiana plan with the parent/guardian present or on the phone
  • Magellan or the Healthy Louisiana Plan will ask initial risk questions
    • If you called the Healthy Louisiana plan, they will transfer the call to Magellan if the child meets criteria
  • Magellan will conduct a CANS brief assessment to establish preliminary eligibility
  • If, based on the CANS brief assessment, a child/youth is eligible for CSoC, Magellan will
    • refer the child or youth to a Wraparound Agency to: ensure that a comprehensive assessment is completed, offer the child/youth and the family an opportunity to participate in CSoC and begin forming a child and family team
    • refer the child or youth to a Family Support Organization to support the child or youth and their family

Standard Operating Procedures

The purpose of the Standard Operating Procedure manual is to provide guidance for conducting the day-to-day activities that are necessary in developing, implementing and sustaining the Coordinated System of Care in Louisiana. Guidance is provided in the areas of CSoC eligibility, referral, screening/assessment, enrollment, services, quality assurance and training requirements. This document will be reviewed and updated on a semi-annual basis or more frequently as needed as the Coordinated System of Care evolves.