Nursing Facilities

"Nursing facility" or "nursing home" means a private home, institution, building, residence or other place, serving two or more persons who are not related by blood or marriage to the operator, whether operated for profit or not, and including those places operated by a political subdivision of the state of Louisiana, which undertakes, through its ownership or management, to provide maintenance, personal care, or nursing for persons who, by reason of illness or physical infirmity or age, are unable to properly care for themselves. 

The term does not include the following:
(a)  A home, institution, or other place operated by the federal government or agency thereof, or by the state of Louisiana.
(b)  A hospital, sanitarium or other institution whose principal activity or business is the care and treatment of persons suffering from tuberculosis or from mental diseases.
(c)  A hospital, sanitarium or other medical institution whose principal activity or business is the diagnosis, care and treatment of human illness through the maintenance and operation of organized facilities therefor.
(d)  Any municipal, parish or private child welfare agency, maternity hospital or lying-in home required by law to be licensed by some other department or agency.
(e)  Any sanitarium or institution conducted by and for Christian Scientists who rely on the practice of Christian Science for treatment and healing.
(f)  Any nonprofit congregate housing program which promotes independent living by providing assistance with daily living activities such as cooking, eating, dressing, getting out of bed, and the like to persons living in a shared group environment who do not require the medical supervision and nursing assistance provided by nursing homes.  No congregate housing program, except those licensed or operated by the state of Louisiana, shall: (1) use the term "nursing home" or any other term implying that it is a licensed health care facility; or (2) administer medications or otherwise provide any other nursing or medical service.



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Alternate Use Beds- as of 06/18/2018

The Louisiana Department of Health, Health Standards Section issues Nursing Facility licenses. Once a license has been issued it shall be valid until its expiration date, unless otherwise revoked, suspended, or terminated.

There is currently a moratorium in place for nursing facilities in Louisiana.

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