Apply for FNR via online process

Failure to attach your FNR supporting documentation could delay processing. Any FNR application submitted without supporting documentation will not be processed until the supporting documentation is received by FNR. This could increase your timeframe to be considered for review.

Online FNR Process Checklist:

  1. Read the Facility Need Review Rule (LAC 48:1 Chapter 125), click here, to understand the process and documentation needed for Facility Need Review.
  2. Compile your FNR supporting documentation and have it readily available to attach in the FNR online payment portal. 
    Do not attach the FNR initial application or the program's license application packet.
  3. Complete the online process and attach the FNR application supporting documentation: click here

The $200 fee is non-refundable.
Confirmation emails are sent once the FNR payment and FNR documentation is received by LDH Health Standards Section


Checking the Status of your FNR Application

Facility Need Review Reports  (LTC-1, LTC-2, MR-1, MR-2)

Frequently Asked QuestionsContact Information:


Tammy Walton, Administrative Coordinator : 225-342-0132

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