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The Louisiana Doula Registry Board

Created by Act 182, the Louisiana Doula Registry Board consists of 15 voting members and 16 non-voting members positions. The board serves as a commission under the Louisiana Department of Health for the purpose of creating a registry for doulas seeking health insurance reimbursement to promote safe and equitable care for every mother and every birth in this state.

For information about meetings and vacancies, please visit the Family Health Boards and Commissions page.

Note: The Doula Registry Board is not currently accepting applications for the Statewide Doula Registry. Please refer to the Doula Registry Board official meeting minutes for updates for the anticipated date that the Board will begin to accept and review applicants.


Members of the Voting Committee:
  • 9 representatives from an organization providing Doula Services for people giving birth - 1 representative from each of the 9 regions of the state. These positions are appointed by the Medical Director of the Louisiana Perinatal Quality Collaborative.
  • 1 person with lived experience having used doula services for at least two births
  • 1 doula with lactation training
  • 1 representative from Sista Midwife Productions
  • 1 representative from Community Birth Companion
  • 1 representative from Birthmark Doula Collective
  • 1 representative from H.E.R. Institute
Members of Non-Voting Committee:
  • 1 representative of New Orleans Breastfeeding Center
  • 1 representative of March of Dimes
  • 1 representative of National Birth Equity Collaborative
  • 1 representative of Institute of Women & Ethnic Studies
  • 1 obstetrician with demonstrated work rooted in community, health equity, and training in equitable practices
  • 1 certified professional midwife
  • 1 certified nurse midwife
  • 1 community nurse practitioner
  • 1 representative from Louisiana Medicaid
  • 1 representative from Louisiana Hospital Association
  • 6 health insurance representatives - 1 representative from each of the 6 Managed Care Organizations in Louisiana. These positions are determined by the doula registry board.


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