LEERS Password Tips

In order to provide security, LEERS passwords will expire after 90 days. Passwords are commonly compromised, and the ability to fraudulently create or certify a vital record can result in criminal activity ranging from fraud to terrorism.

After 90 days, the next time you log in with your password, you will be automatically directed to the password change screen.

Your PIN number will never expire! However, it can be changed by you at any time or reset to you by request.

LEERS Passwords sound like they have to be very complicated, but they can actually be quite simple to remember!

Some sample passwords are: Tigers#1, Loui$iana1, 123Smith@

If you see the § symbol as indicated below, your new password does NOT meet the minimum requirements. Please check them and try again.



Changing your password when provided a temporary password by LEERS

We recommend using Copy/Paste to copy your emailed temporary password and paste it into LEERS.

To Copy/Paste in Windows:

1. Hold down left-click on your mouse and drag the highlight over the entire password. Make sure there is no space after the last character. If there is, simply drag the highlight back to the end of the temporary password. Then release the left-click (the password will remain highlighted). 

The small space after the capital “Z” is included above. This will cause the password to fail.


By dragging the highlight back, it ends directly after the capital “Z” above.

2. Hover the cursor over the highlighted text.

3. With the cursor still over the highlighted text, right-click the mouse. A menu will pop up next to the cursor. Select “Copy” from the list.

4. Go to the login screen, and right-click the mouse inside the password field. The menu will pop up next to the cursor again, this time select “Paste” from the list. Once the password is pasted, click login and change your password.

5. Once the temporary password is accepted, you will be automatically directed to the password change screen. Right-click and select “Paste” again in the field for “Old Password.”

6. You should then be able to enter and confirm your new password.