Maternal Wellness Center Registration

In accordance with Act No. 437 of the 2023 Regular Legislative Session, eligible maternal wellness centers (MWCs) must be registered with the Louisiana Department of Health, in addition to meeting other criteria, in order to be exempt from federal income taxation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

MWCs should complete the steps outlined below to register:

  • Complete the contact information form and submit online here.
  • Download and complete the affidavit form here.
  • After filling out the affidavit form in its entirety, the form will need to be signed and dated by an officer of the organization along with a witness and notarized by a public notary.
  • Submit the completed and notarized form to LDH for processing to Asst. Secretary Dr. Torrie Harris at the Office of Women’s Health and Community Health.

 Applicants will be notified of their approved registration via email.

Registered MWCs will are required to submit a sworn “renewal” affidavit to LDH for review and approval  annually, on or before February 1st of each year to remain on the registry.

For eligibility questions, please refer to Act No. 437.

Disclaimer:  LDH does not license Maternal Wellness Centers nor evaluate the clinical services provided by them.

*If you should have any additional questions, regarding affidavit submission or general inquiries – please contact the LDH Office of Women’s Health & Community Health

Asst. Secretary Dr. Torrie Harris at (225) 342-3106 or via email