The Onsite Wastewater Program

The Onsite Wastewater Program's mission is to prevent untreated or improperly treated sewage from being discharged into the environment and thus to protect the health of the citizens of Louisiana. The program licenses and regulates onsite wastewater treatment system installers, haulers, sub-manufacturers, and manufacturers of wastewater systems in this state. Sanitarians located in the health units of each parish serve to inform, advise, and operate a permitting system with regard to onsite sewage treatment. Select the Parish Health Units link from the left menu bar to search for contact information for the local health units.

Single Family Housing Repair Loans and Grants Information - USDA Rural Development has a loan and grant program available for homeowners who need financial assistance for maintaining or replacing a failing sewage treatment system. This is not a program of the Louisiana Department of Health. 

Private Water Well Initiative Website - Request Private Water Well Samples and/or lending institution letters online.

Highlighted Facts

  • A total of 475,299 onsite wastewater treatment systems have been permitted as of August 2023.
  • In 2023, 731 installer and maintenance licenses have been issued to qualified individuals.
  • To date, 57 of the 64 parishes in Louisiana have enacted onsite sewage ordinances.
  • Approximately 54,750,000,000 gallons of wastewater per year is treated by onsite wastewater treatment systems in the state of Louisiana.



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