Approval of Nurse Aide Training Programs

Process for approval beginning 07/09/2021


Any person or entity who wishes to offer a NATP/NATCEP must receive approval. 

The LDH-HSS (Health Standards Section) reviews and approves or disapproves nurse aide training and competency evaluation programs (NATP or NATCEP) for the state of Louisiana.


The process for approval of a Nurse Aide Training Program requires completion and submission of the Nurse Aide Training Program Application Packet. Please review the Program Packet Instructions for details specific to each of the required documents.  The Application Checklist provides a list of all items that must be submitted.  

  1. Nurse Aide Training Program Application Packet Instructions
  2. Nurse Aide Training Program Application
  3. Nurse Aide Training Program Policy/Procedures
  4. Curriculum and Skills Performance Record:
  5. Clinical Site Status
  6. Nurse Aide Training Program Basic Equipment and Supply List
  7. Nurse Aide Training Application Checklist
  8. Clinical Contract:  For legal reasons, the LDH cannot provide a template for the clinical contract. The contract MUST NOT indicate the nursing home will be responsible for instruction, evaluation, assignments, oversight, or any other aspects of the program. A valid clinical contract must include the following: 
    • Indicate the agreement is for the purpose of nurse aide training
    • Include verbiage that NH will allow current class to complete training if contract is cancelled
    • Include verbiage that NH will notify school if the NH becomes ineligible due to enforcements as noted per CFR 483.151 (b)(2)
    • Specify a beginning and expiration date of the contract (auto renew may be included, but expiration date is still required)
    • Include printed name and title of individuals entering into agreement
    • Include date and signature of individuals entering into agreement
    • If the signature page is separate, the name of the entities must be included


Additional Information

Prometric conducts competency testing for the state of LA. It is highly recommended to review all aspects of the LDH-Prometric website and Prometric website  for testing specifics, including testing procedures, cost, benefits of becoming a test site, etc.

Clinical training must be performed in a licensed nursing home of SNF.  Refer to the Directory of Nursing Homes for licensed facilities.  

Subcontracting of the training program is prohibited. Approval to provide nurse aide training is granted specifically for the provider who submitted the application. 

Survey of non-facility based programs will be conducted within one (1) year of initial approval, then every two (years) after. Facility-based programs will be surveyed during the annual survey.

Termination (closure) of a program will occur if an approved program ceases to provide nurse aide training for a two (2) year period.

Train the trainer classes are provided by instructors approved by the LDH only. You must contact an approved instructor to schedule a class.  Click here for a list of train the trainers.

Federal regulations require NH's must not employ an individual greater than 4 months unless they have successfully completed an approved nurse aide training and competency program.

Facility based programs (nursing homes) may not charge for any portion of training, including testing or re-testing fees.  The NH must submit the application and payment to Prometric within 10 days of completion of training. 

Employment contracts as a condition of training by NH's are prohibited

Trainees shall be notified of their responsibility to report changes in contact information (name, address, phone, email) to the Nurse Aide Registry and to refer to the Registry website for general information:

Changes to the program must be reported prior to implementation. Instructions can be found here.


NATP and Registry Quick Links


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CNA recertification testing information

State Minimum Licensing regulations for Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Programs LAC 48:1 Chapter 100

Federal regulations for Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Programs CFR, Chapter IV, Subchapter G, Part 483, Subpart D

LDH Contact information