Attachments are considered part of the contract and are enforceable as contract requirements.  Any changes to an attachment require a contract amendment.

  1. Veteran-Owned And Service-Connected Small Entrepreneurships (Veteran Initiatives) And Louisiana Imitative For Small Entrepreneurships (Hudson Initiative) Programs - 09.05.2014 Revised version
  2. Certification Statement
  3. Standard LDH contract form CF-1
  4. HIPAA Business Associate Addendum


Appendices are additional material to help guide the SMO in performing its functions under the contract. The SMO will be held accountable for adhering to any requirements set forth in the appendices, as applicable. Changes to appendices do not require a contract amendment.

A. 2014 Provider Certification Manual
B. PSH Program Responsibilities
C. Reserved
D. LBHP Capitation Rate Development Assumptions
E. SMO Performance Measures
F. Mercer Behavioral Health Data Book
G. DHH-OBH Non-Medicaid Payment
H. Chisholm v. Kliebert - Stipulated Order
I. Chisholm v. Kliebert - 2002 Third Stipulation

Federal Authorities

 Additional Information


Addenda are changes to the Request for Proposal (RFP) document after it has been issued, but before an award has been announced in order to clarify or correct inconsistencies and/or errors before the contract is approved and implemented.