Frequently Asked Questions

Can someone come speak to my agency or organization about Protective Services?

Yes, as long as your agency or organization is within the State of Louisiana.

How can I report Child Care Abuse?

To report Child Care Abuse, please contact the Department of  Social Services (225) 342-0286

What are signs of abuse, neglect, exploitation, and extortion?

  • Bruises and skin discoloration
  • Burns, welts, evidence of bites
  • Visitors refused access to home
  • Withdrawn behavior
  • Lack of personal hygiene or inadequate clothing
  • Weight loss, hunger, begging or searching for food
  • Lack of utilities in home
  • Unhealthy or unsanitary surroundings
  • Use of monies or resources by another
  • Withdrawal of money in substantial amounts
  • Restricted movement, being locked in room
  • Lack of needed medications, failure to meet medical appointments