Can someone come speak to my agency or organization about Protective Services?

Yes, as long as your agency or organization is within the State of Louisiana.

How can I report Child Care Abuse?

To report Child Care Abuse, please contact the Department of  Social Services (225) 342-0286

What are signs of abuse, neglect, exploitation, and extortion?

  • Bruises and skin discoloration
  • Burns, welts, evidence of bites
  • Visitors refused access to home
  • Withdrawn behavior
  • Lack of personal hygiene or inadequate clothing
  • Weight loss, hunger, begging or searching for food
  • Lack of utilities in home
  • Unhealthy or unsanitary surroundings
  • Use of monies or resources by another
  • Withdrawal of money in substantial amounts
  • Restricted movement, being locked in room
  • Lack of needed medications, failure to meet medical appointments