For Partners

Partners play a very important role in the success of CSoC. CSoC intends to ensure that efforts on behalf of children and families are integrated across systems. CSoC is a family driven process. Therefore, referrals should be made with parent's/guardian's knowledge, consent and participation.

When contacting a Healthy Louisiana Plan to make a referral for CSoC, the following process will take place:

  • Contact the plan with the parent/guardian present or on the phone
  • The Healthy Louisiana Plan will ask initial risk questions and transfer the call to Magellan if the child meets criteria
  • Magellan will conduct a CANS brief assessment to establish preliminary eligibility
  • If, based on the CANS brief assessment a child/youth is eligible for CSoC, Magellan will
    • refer the child or youth to a Wraparound Agency to: ensure that a comprehensive assessment is completed, offer the child/youth and the family an opportunity to participate in CSoC and begin forming a child and family team
    • refer the child or youth to a Family Support Organization to support the child or youth and their family

You and the parent/guardian will need to be able to provide the following information for the referral:

  • Demographic information
  • As much clinical information as you have available
  • Diagnosis, if known

Standard Operating Procedures

The purpose of the Standard Operating Procedure manual is to provide guidance for conducting the day-to-day activities that are necessary in developing, implementing and sustaining the Coordinated System of Care in Louisiana. Guidance is provided in the areas of CSoC eligibility, referral, screening/assessment, enrollment, services, quality assurance and training requirements. This document will be reviewed and updated on a semi-annual basis or more frequently as needed as the Coordinated System of Care evolves.