Medical Transportation Provider Resources

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)

How to Become a NEMT Provider:

NEMT providers may contract with a broker utilized by a managed care organization (MCO) or the broker that manages transportation for legacy Medicaid beneficiaries, Southeastrans.


Healthcare Provider    (MCO)

Transportation Broker

Contact Information



844.349.4326 (option 3)

AmeriHealth Caritas



Healthy Blue


844.349.4326 (option 3)


Louisiana Healthcare Connections


(855) 264-6368 or



(512) 939-3841

Fee-for-Service /

Legacy Medicaid

 SoutheasTrans  855.325.7570

Transportation providers are allowed to enroll with any combination of brokers, and must continually meet credentialing standards.

Medicaid Enrollment Portal:

All NEMT providers must enroll in Medicaid Enrollment Portal. Though the dates for provider registration are not available at this time, LDH confirmed that it would not occur until the latter part of the year. All NEMT providers will be required to register when all “new” providers are allowed to begin registration. Additional information regarding provider enrollment is available here.

Fee Schedule:

NEMT providers are allowed to individually negotiate their reimbursement rates. The minimum fee schedule may be found here. Brokers may pay more than the minimum fee amount, but they cannot pay less without your agreement.


The brokers shall assign transportation providers on the basis of the least costly means available,


NEMT providers will bill the respective transportation broker. Claim escalation and appeal information can be found here.

Provider Notices:

COVID-19 NEMT Provider Bulletin

MCO Claims Payment Issue Escalation



Melanie Doucet

(225) 333-7473