EMS Task Force

The Emergency Medical Services Task Force is composed of individuals subject to the approval of the secretary of the Louisiana Department of Health, which advises and makes recommendations to the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and the Department on matters related to emergency medical services. 

EMS Task Force Members

Louisiana Approved Education Program: Justin Antarikanada, NRP (term expires: 12/31/2025)

EMS Certification Commission: Otha Henry, NRP (term expires with Certification Commission term)

Flight Medic: Kirk Coussan, NRP** (term expires: 12/31/2025)

Licensed Paramedic: Brent Crawford, NRP (term expires: 12/31/2023)

Licensed Paramedic: Gavin Hall, NRP (term expires: 12/31/2023)

CAAHEP EMS Education Program: Timothy Dronet, NRP (term expires: 12/31/2025)

Fire/EMS Agency: Preston Landry, NRP (term expires: 12/31/2023)

Fireman's Association: Blance Bankston, NRP (term expires: 12/31/2025)

Private Provider: Clint Braud, NRP (term expires: 12/31/2025)

Professional Fire Fighters Association of Louisiana: Amy Fowler, NRP (term expires: 12/31/2025)

Louisiana Ambulance Alliance: Naomi Majors, EMT (term expires: 12/31/2023)

Telecommunnicator: Jade Gabb (term expires: 12/31/2025)

Provider of Industrial EMS: Eric Coley, NRP (term expires: 12/31/2025)

Municipal Ambulance: Bill Salmeron, NRP* (term expires: 12/31/2023)

Licensed EMT: Jessalyn Qualls Nugier, EMT (term expires: 12/31/2025)

Licensed EMT: Sean Scott, EMT (term expires: 12/31/2025)

LANREMT: Shane Bellard, NRP (term expires: 12/31/2025)

High School Educator: Dawn Young, NRP (term expires: 12/31/2025)

*  Chair
** Vice-Chair

2024 Meeting Dates:

January 16, 2024  LACK OF QUORUM

March 12, 2024 

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes

May 7, 2024

Meeting Agenda

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July 9, 2024

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September 17, 2024

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November 12, 2024

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2023 Meeting Dates:

January 10, 2023 - LACK OF QUORUM 

March 14, 2023

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes

May 9, 2023 - LACK OF QUORUM

July 11, 2023 - LACK OF QUORUM

September 12, 2023

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November 14, 2023

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Standing EMS Task Force Subcommittees

Credentialing - Dawn Young, Chair

Education - T.J. Dronet, Chair

Examinations - Gavin Hall, Chair

911 Communications - Jade Gabb, Chair

Ambulance Standards - Brent Crawford, Chair

EMS Certification Commission - Otha Henry, Chair


Task Force - State Partners

Doris Brown - Assistant Secretary/Office of Public Health

Glennis Gray- Deputy Assistant Secretary/Office of Public Health

Dan Wallis - State Fire Marshal

Paige Hargrove - Louisiana Emergency Response Network

Charmaine Cureton - Louisiana Department of Education

Cindy Duplessis - EMS for Children