Louisiana Medicaid Services

Louisiana's Medicaid program covers many of the same things that private health insurance programs traditionally cover. Medicaid can also cover services to help "fill in the gaps" in Medicare and meet certain long-term care needs.


The list below includes things Louisiana Medicaid will cover in some or all cases. Some services are only offered to Medicaid recipients because of their age, family situation, transfer of resource requirements or other living arrangements. Also, some services are limited. If you click on a service listed on this page, you can find out:

  • How to get the service
  • Who can have the service
  • What is included in the service
  • Any other important information about the service
  • Where to call if you have questions about the service

Before you receive a service, you should ask your doctor or provider about limits to receiving the service or if the service needs to be “prior authorized.” (“Prior authorized” means Medicaid has to agree to pay for the service before it can be offered to a patient.)


Just because a service is not on the list does not mean that Medicaid will not cover it. Call the contact listed for the service group in question if a service is not listed.


There are special Medicaid benefits for children and youth with developmental disabilities. Click here to get information about these benefits and click here for information on locating these services.  If you want an overview of all services offered to those who are younger than 21, click here.


*You may appeal a Medicaid decision if all the services you requested were denied, if part of the services you requested were denied, if you were offered different services than you requested or if the service provider did not submit for full amount of services you requested. Click here for more information on appeals.


Medicaid Services

Adult Denture Services

Adult Waiver Dental Services

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)


Behavioral Health - Adults



CSoC - Home and Community Based Services Waiver


Durable Medicaid Equipment

Early Steps

EPSDT Behavioral Health Services

EPSDT Dental Services

EPSDT Personal Care Services

EPSDT Screening Services

Family Planning Services - Take Charge Plus 

Family Planning Services in Physician’s Office

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC)

Free Standing Birthing Centers

Hearing Aids

Hemodialysis Services

Home Health



        Emergency Room Services
        Inpatient Services
        Outpatient Services


Laboratory Tests & Radiology Services

Long Term – Personal Care Services (LT-PCS)

Medical Transportation

Midwife Services (Certified Nurse Midwife)

Nurse Practitioners/Clinic Nurse Specialists

Nursing Facility

Occupational Therapy Services


Optical Services

Orthodontic Services

Pediatric Day Health Care (PDHC)

PACE - Program for All Inclusive Care for the Elderly

Pharmacy Services

Physical Therapy

Physician Assistants

Physician/Professional Services

Podiatry Services

Pre-Natal care

Psychiatric Hospital Care

Rehabilitation Clinic Services

Rural Health Clinics

STD Clinics

Speech Therapy and Language Evaluation and Therapy


Support Coordination

 Children’s Choice Waiver

 Community Choices Waiver

 EPSDT Targeted Populations

 Infants and Toddlers

 New Opportunities Waiver (NOW)

 Residential Options Waiver (ROW)

 Supports Waiver

Therapy Services


Tuberculosis Clinics

X-Ray Services


Waiver Services
        Adult Day Health Care (ADHC)

        Children’s Choice
        Community Choices Waiver

        New Opportunities Waiver

        Residential Options Waiver (ROW)

        Supports Waiver