State Plan Amendments 2013

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In compliance with Act 212 of the 2013 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature, LDH has made State Plan amendments (SPA) available for public view dating back to July 1, 2013. Since the date of implementation, the Department has posted pending SPAs. Some amendments are still pending from prior years, others have been approved since July 1, 2013 and posted to the site. It should be noted that the SPAs are listed by calendar year as they are created under transmittal numbers indicating the year and chronological order of creation during that year. SPAs approved prior to July 1, 2013 can be found within the main text of the comprehensive State Plan.

13-16A Behavioral Health Supplemental Payments *APPROVED*

13-20 In-Patient Hospitals Public Private Partnership Rate for OLOL *APPROVED*

13-21 Outpatient Hospitals Public Private Partnership Rate for OLOL *APPROVED*

13-23 Supplemental Medicaid Inpatient Hospital Payments to Public-Private Partnerships in New Orleans and Lafayette *DISAPPROVED*

13-24 Supplemental Medicaid Outpatient Hospital Payments to Public-Private Partnerships in Lafayette *WITHDRAWN*

13-25 DSH Inpatient Hospital Payments to Public-Private Partnership in New Orleans, Lafayette, Houma and Lake Charles *DISAPPROVED*



13-27 Behavioral Health Reimbursement Methodology (In-Patient) *APPROVED*

13-28 DSH Inpatient Hospital Payments to Public-Private Partnership in Shreveport, Monroe, Bogalusa and Alexandria *DISAPPROVED*



13-30 Out-Patient Hospitals-NR, NS Public Hospitals-Supplemental Payments *APPROVED*

13-31 Professional Services Program - Public / Private Partnerships - Professional Practitioners Supplemental Payments *WITHDRAWN*

13-36 Professional Services Program - Physician Services - Reimbursement Methodology *APPROVED*

13-38 Behavioral Health Services - Physician Reimbursement Methodology (Out-patient) *APPROVED*

13-39 DSH - Federally Mandated Statutory Hospitals *APPROVED*

13-41 Behavioral Health Services - Reimbursement Methodology (In-patient) *APPROVED*

13-43 ICF-DD Public Facilities, Reimbursement Methodology *APPROVED*

13-44 Pharmacy Benefits Management Program - State Supplemental Rebate Agreement Program *APPROVED*

13-45 Third Party Liability - Provider Billing and Trauma Recovery (Pursuit of Difference) *APPROVED*

13-47 Hospice Services *APPROVED*

13-48 Inpatient Hospital Services - NR, NS Supplemental Payments Pool Reduction *APPROVED*

13-0049 MAGI Mandatory Eligibility Groups (Group 1)  *APPROVED*

13-0050 Eligibility Process (Group 2) *APPROVED*

13-0051 MAGI Income Methodology (Group 3) *APPROVED*

13-0052 Single State Agency (Group 4)  *APPROVED*

13-0053 State Residency (Group 5) *APPROVED*

13-0054 Citizenship & Immigration Status (Group 6) *APPROVED*

13-0055 Hospital Presumptive Eligibility (Group 7) *APPROVED*

13-56 Medicaid Eligibility for Pregnant Unmarried Minors (PUM) or Minor Unmarried Mothers (MUM)  *APPROVED*

13-57 Exclusion of Income of Children Up to 142 Percent of the Federal Poverty Limit  *APPROVED*