Medical Transportation Provider Resources

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)

How to Become a NEMT Provider:

The transportation brokers currently manage the credentialing and/or management of the NEMT provider network. The chart below is comprised of all Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), their contracted transportation brokers, and the transportation broker’s contact information.  Please utilize the contact information below to request an enrollment packet(s) to begin service as a Medicaid transportation provider.  

LDH has not set limitations on the number of transportation brokers that a provider may contact.  Transportation providers may enroll with any combination of brokers and must continually meet credentialing standards.

LDH does not require that each transportation broker accept every potential NEMT provider that applies for a contract in the transportation broker’s network.  There are several factors used to determine a transportation broker’s network requirements, including the overall number of transportation providers within their networks.


Health Plan


Phone Number

Email Address

Aetna Better Health of Louisiana


844.349.4326 (Option 3)

AmeriHealth Caritas of Louisiana


888.913.0364 or 855.325.7570


Healthy Blue


844.349.4326 (Option 3)

Humana Healthy Horizons


844.349.4326 (Option 3)

Louisiana Healthcare Connections


United Healthcare Community Plan  ModivCare 512.939.3841  


Medicaid Enrollment Portal:

All transportation providers must register for the Medicaid Enrollment Portal by June 30, 2023. Information regarding the Medicaid Provider Enrollment Portal is located . Each NEMT provider should check the LDH Medicaid Provider Enrollment Portal website periodically to ensure registration by the required dates provided.

Fee Schedule:

NEMT providers are allowed to individually negotiate their reimbursement rates. The minimum fee schedule is located here. Transportation brokers may pay more than the minimum fee amount, but they may not pay less without your agreement.

Classification of Providers:

NEMT is provided to Medicaid beneficiaries through four classifications of NEMT providers. The MCO shall consider scheduling NEMT providers in the following order:

  1. Public
  2. Gas reimbursement
  3. Non-profit
  4. For-Profit

Public providers include city and parish intrastate mass transit systems (e.g., bus, train).

Gas reimbursement providers are individuals, including friends or family members. The provider may not reside at the same physical address as the beneficiary the provider is transporting.  The provider may not transport more than five beneficiaries, except where there are more than five beneficiaries in the same household.

Non-profit providers include those providers who are operated by or affiliated with a public organization such as state, federal, parish or city entities, community action agencies, or parish Councils on Aging. If a provider qualifies as a non-profit entity according to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations, they may only enroll as non-profit providers.

For-Profit providers include corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, or sole proprietors. Profit providers must comply with all state laws and the regulations of any governing state agency, commission, or local entity to which they are subject as a condition of enrollment and continued participation in the Medicaid program.


The transportation brokers shall assign transportation providers based on the least costly means available, including the use of free and/or public transportation when possible, with consideration given to the beneficiary’s choice of transportation provider. The MCO and/or transportation broker shall ensure that the provider accommodates the level of service required to transport the beneficiary safely (e.g., ambulatory, wheelchair, transfer).


NEMT providers will bill the respective transportation broker. Claim escalation and appeal information is located here.

Provider Notices:

COVID-19 NEMT Provider Bulletin

MCO Claims Payment Issue Escalation



Harrison Jensen or

(225) 219.3125 or (225) 342.9566