Family Health Boards & Commissions

The Bureau of Family Health (BFH) works with communities and statewide partners to identify gaps in Louisiana’s maternal and child health policies. Through cooperative studies and reports, the BFH policy team pinpoints and publicizes important opportunities to improve family health across the state. 

BFH currently supports 16 key boards, commissions, and councils that focus on family health in Louisiana. Each of these groups works to assess emerging health concerns, identify opportunities for improvement, and recommend strategies to make Louisiana a healthier place to live, learn, grow, and work.

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Current Member Vacancies

The information on each vacant position for a board, commission, and council under the purview of BFH and how to apply will be coming soon. For more information,  please contact with questions at this time. Thank you.

List of Boards & Commissions

Adolescent School Health Initiative Coordinating Council

The Adolescent School Health Initiative is authorized by R.S. 40:31.3, and is composed of representatives from the departments of education, department of children and family services, department of health and other governmental entities or programs related to health services. The role of the council is to assist in implementation, oversight, and funding assistance for health centers in schools.

Child Death Review (CDR) Panel

The Child Death Review Panel (CDR) is authorized by R.S. 40:2019 and is charged with establishing and maintaining a process to review all unexpected deaths in children less than fifteen years of age; developing a standardized child death investigation protocol; establishing criteria for information that must be included in a death investigation reports; describing unexpected child deaths; and disseminating the findings of the panel to agencies and groups that can use this information to prevent future deaths.


Commission on Perinatal Care and Prevention of Infant Mortality

The Commission on Perinatal Care and Prevention of Infant Mortality is authorized by R.S. 40:2018 and is responsible for researching and reviewing all state laws, regulations, guidelines, policies, and procedures that impact perinatal care and, where appropriate, making recommendations to the legislature and secretary of the Department of Health and Hospitals. In addition, the commission is responsible for providing a plan that the state can adopt to reduce the number of teenage pregnancies, sick infants, and infant mortalities.

Domestic Abuse Fatality Review (DAFR) Panel

The Domestic Abuse Fatality Review (DAFR) Panel was established in 2021 R.S. 40:2024.1-2024.6 with the aim of identifying the causes of domestic abuse fatality and methods for prevention. Recommendations that are created at DAFR meetings are referred to the governor, legislature, and stakeholder organizations promoting the health and safety of Louisiana’s families and invested in the prevention of domestic abuse.

Doula Registry Board

The Doula Registry Board is authorized by R.S. 22:1059.1 to create a registry for doulas seeking health insurance reimbursement to promote safe and equitable care for every mother and every birth in this state. The Board is charged with reviewing applications for doulas to register and receive health insurance reimbursement, approve applications to designate registered doula status, notify applicants of approval or denial of doula registration status, and maintain a statewide registry of doulas approved for health insurance reimbursement in Louisiana.

Louisiana Birth Defects Monitoring Network Advisory Board

The Louisiana Birth Defects Monitoring Network Advisory Board is authorized by R.S 40:31.46 and consists of a group of stakeholders appointed by the LDH Secretary of Health to guide the birth defects surveillance system. The Board is charged with making recommendations on the implementation and continuing operation of the statewide surveillance system.


Louisiana Commission for the Deaf (LCD)

The Louisiana Commission for the Deaf (LCD) is authorized by R.S. 46:2351-2355 and consists of qualified and knowledgeable members with experience which enables them to represent the concerns, needs, and recommendations of d/Deaf, DeafBlind, and hard of hearing persons in Louisiana. LCD is charged with promoting, coordinating, and facilitating accessibility of all public and private services to d/Deaf, DeafBlind, and hard of hearing people through informing, educating, and advising businesses, industries, and other sectors on effective communication and the needs of d/Deaf, DeafBlind, and hard of hearing individuals to promote and ensure accessibility to public services.


Louisiana Sickle Cell Commission

The Louisiana Sickle Cell Commission is authorized by R.S. 40: 1125.1 to ensure the delivery of sickle cell services to affected persons in all parishes in Louisiana and assist in establishing geographical service delivery boundaries. The Commission is also charged with promulgating guidelines for uniformity in the delivery of services and the management of statewide programs.

Rare Disease Advisory Council

The Louisiana Rare Disease Advisory Council is authorized by R.S. 40:1122.1 and offers expert and clinical advice to the Louisiana Department of Health, the Governor, and the legislature to help address the needs of persons diagnosed and living with rare diseases. The advisory council is charged with, but not limited to, providing expert and clinical advice to the Drug Utilization Review board in its review of treatments for a rare disease and providing recommendations to address the needs of persons living with a rare disease in Louisiana.


Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) Advisory Council

The Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) is authorized by 46:2265-2266 a national initiative supporting the early identification of infants who are deaf or hard of hearing through screening, audiological evaluation, enrollment in early intervention, family-to-family and Deaf adult-to-family support services. The purpose of the Council is to make recommendations on program standards and quality assurance, program integration with community resources, materials development and distribution, and program implementation and follow-up.

Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) Advisory Board

The Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) Advisory Board is a program supported through a HRSA grant to advise the EMSC program on successes, barriers, and solutions to improve pediatric emergency care in emergency medical services (EMS) and emergency departments (EDs). The EMSC Program aims to reduce pediatric morbidity and mortality rates across Louisiana.

Genetic Disease Program Advisory Committee

The Genetic Disease Program Advisory Committee is authorized by La. Admin. Code tit. 48 Section V - 6901 and is charged with developing standards for the implementation of R.S. 40:1299 et seq. and in developing any new legislation affecting genetic services. They are also charged with assisting the Office of Public Health promulgating rules and regulations necessary in the conduct of the Genetic Diseases Program.

Louisiana Perinatal Quality Collaborative (LaPQCC)

The Louisiana Perinatal Quality Collaborative (LaPQC) is an initiative of the Bureau of Family Health and an authorized agent of the Louisiana Commission on Perinatal Care and Prevention of Infant Mortality. LaPQC is a network of perinatal care providers, public health professionals, and advocates who work to improve outcomes for birthing persons, families, and newborns in Louisiana.

Pregnancy Associated Mortality Review (PAMR) Panel

The Pregnancy Associated Mortality Review (PAMR) Panel was established by the Louisiana Department of Health, Office of Public Health’s Bureau of Family Health under the authorization of the Louisiana Commission on Perinatal Care and Prevention of Infant Mortality (Louisiana Perinatal Commission) in order to understand and address maternal mortality in Louisiana. PAMR works to quantify and understand pregnancy-associated deaths in order to create actionable, comprehensive recommendations to prevent future deaths. This is accomplished through epidemiological surveillance and multidisciplinary case review.


Maternal Child Health (MCH) Well-Being Study Commission (Senate Resolution 131 - 2022)

The Maternal Child Health Well-Being Study Commission is an authorized study by Senate Resolution 131 of the 2022 Regular Legislative Session that is charged with researching and making recommendations on connecting pregnant women and new mothers, particularly in rural and underserved areas, with resources for the health and wellbeing of the mother and child.


Young Child Wellness Collaborative

The Young Child Wellness Collaborative (YCWC) serves as the State-Level Early Childhood Advisory Team for major early childhood initiatives. This state-level, cross-sector collaborative serves as the designated advisory body for the Federal Health Resources and Services Administrations’ (HRSA) Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Grant – Project SOAR. Project SOAR stands for Screen Often and Accurately Refer. YCWC seeks to support and further statewide efforts to improve developmental outcomes for children and help Louisiana families thrive.